Swinging and Swaying Voters: May the Best Candidate Win

All yesterday, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were blowing up with this quote:

I’m predicting Obama will get an early lead tomorrow until all of the Republicans get off work to vote.

It’s interesting, especially considering both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are at a “dead heat.” I guess the fact that I’m going to school in the ever-so-conservative state of Alabama explains why the quote is everywhere I look.






As of last night, President Obama was in the lead in the swing states, such as Ohio and Nevada. The polls also show his lead over Romney overall. Another determining factor in the 2012 Election are the single women voters. Women outnumber men at the polls, but there is a difference in those who are married and those who are single as to which candidate women vote for. Single women seem to favor President Obama, primarily for the Democratic party’s stance on women’s reproductive rights and health related issues.

One other determining factor that I’m sad to say is race. Right now, I’m watching the Today show and one of the commentators on the election just said, “I would hate for President Obama to wake up tomorrow morning having lost the presidential election because of a lack of black voters at the poll.” Voting for a presidential candidate based on their race instead of their stance on platforms is ethically and morally wrong. I’m offended that any one would make such a statement.

The 2012 Election is sure to be one for the books with all of the money each candidate has spent and the close call on who will win. As theĀ Hunger Games say, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


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