Reporting Across Multimedia is No Walk in the Park

There’s plenty of room for improvement, or so say the number of views of my blog. Fortunately, I’ve come a long way in working with multimedia.

Most Viewed Post

My most viewed blog post on the 2012 Presidential Election has–drum roll, please—a whole whopping FOUR views. Not too thrilled, to say the least. Though, I should have advertised my blog more through Facebook and Twitter. I suspect writing about the Presidential Election and linking to other blogs is the reason why I have all four of my views. Also, maybe because the election was such a controversial subject and some were undecided as to who to vote for.

Least Viewed Post

All of my other posts during the fall semester have received only one view, which I’m sure is from my reporting writing across media professor, Dr. Daniels. Yet again, probably due to my lack of linking my blog to social media sites. The topics I wrote on may also have contributed to such few blog views. In the future, I think writing on controversial topics is the best route to go to draw more attention to my blog.

Favorite Blog Post by a Classmate

My favorite blog post of the semester  is from my fellow classmate, Erin Armstrong, “Better Read than Dead.” I love to read, so seeing that other people are just as passionate as I am about the written word is exciting. I love finding more books to add to my “must read” list, too.

Reading is so under-rated, while television is incredibly over-rated. Getting lost in a book can offer the best escape when school is stressful or life gets tough. Something Erin said resonates with how I perceive diving into great books:

Reading has always been part of my life as more than an escape but as a chance to encounter new ideas and alternative realities and sit in the mind of a character doing things you could only imagine. 

The enlightening world of literature offers insight into every facet of life. I’m adding Neil Gaiman and David Foster Wallace to my list now.

Lessons I’ve Learned about Cross Platform/Multimedia:

  1. Never underestimate the power of knowing how to work with multimedia. In today’s world, so much attention is focused on videos, recordings and pictures to go hand-in-hand with a written story. Having the knowledge on how to report across different multimedia is the most marketable characteristic to have when entering the workforce.
  2. Keep learning. Technology is constantly evolving, so to keep up with the times and stay in the game, remaining eager to learn is essential.
  3. Here’s a cheesy one: never give up. There were times over the past semester when I was so frustrated, I almost gave up on trying to figure out how to do something. I stayed strong, though I’m certain some of my projects weren’t quite up to par. I’m glad I persisted, though. There are some things I’m not good at, but at least I get the gist on how to do them.

What I Want to Improve on:

  1. Definitely my blogging. Looking back at past blogs, I see room for improvement, specifically in content. I want my blogs to entertain, not put to sleep.
  2. Videography. I really enjoy photography, so I tend to focus more effort in that domain. In all honesty, I need to improve my videography skills, seeing as much of the video I took during my reporting writing across media class is mediocre at best.
  3. Timeliness. I want to blog more often to maybe help build readership.

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