Hurricane Sandy Provides a New Topic of Discussion for Presidential Candidates

A mere six days away from the 2012 Presidential Elections, Hurricane Sandy strikes the northeast coast, providing a new campaign for candidates Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

The hurricane has claimed 39 lives as of October 30 and left destruction in its path. Both presidential candidates are making sure to speak out about the natural disaster, letting the residents effected by Sandy know they care. Or at least making themselves out to seem like they care.

President Obama didn’t hesitate to show compassion this week when visiting New Jersey and New York. His concern appears genuine, similar to that of the 2012 tornado that destroyed Tuscaloosa, Ala. There are claims that his visits to the northeastern states hit by Sandy are a new addition to his campaign fro re-election. 

Personally, I believe the President’s sympathy and consideration is the real deal, though it probably does help his campaign. Nonetheless, as President of the United States, Obama is simply doing his job as the leader of our country. The fact that he is also speaking today with New Jersey’s republican governor, Chris Christie, instead of using the air time to campaign shows gumption and authentic care for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Mitt Romney, on the otherhand, is spending the remaining days of his campaign in Florida, the most divided state.



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