Caroline Kennedy’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention Addresses Women’s Rights

Caroline Kennedy’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday,Sept. 6 in Charlotte, NC addressed why the re-election of President Obama is important for women and children.

“The president has been a champion for women’s rights. The first bill he signed was to make sure women can fight for equal pay for equal,” Kennedy said. “His commitment to women is about even more than economic rights—it’s about health care, reproductive rights, and our ability to make our own decisions about ourselves, our families, and our future.”


Caroline Kennedy’s approach towards appealing to women was more subtle that Mrs. Ann Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention, but not quite as well spoken or powerful, regardless of the derogatory way Romney attempted to persuade, specifically women, why her husband Mitt Romney is the best presidential candidate, using love as her accoutrement.

Kennedy is notorious for her lack of public speaking skills and, unlike her father, has difficulty getting her point across to her audience in an effective manner.

However, she discussed a key issue women are faced with today: reproductive health concerns, such as birth control and abortion. Unlike Ann Romney, she brought up a controversial topic that not only effects mother’s and the romantics of the female sex, but each and every female and even, arguably, male.


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