Journalism Students’ Opportunity of the Year

The Dow Jones News Fund, Inc. Editing Exam is for all junior, senior, and graduate students who wish to obtain an internship with the renowned company, whether it is in news editing, sports editing, or multimedia.  The test is composed of four sections: grammar and usage; current and past events; find that state; editing and headline writing.  Students have one hour to complete the exam and must pass before applying for the internship.

Several study aids are available on, a website connected with the company.  On the site are past exams from 1998 to 2011 as well as practice assessments for language skills, a site to read up on current events, and a site to assist with the study of geography.   Most college campuses also offer study sessions several weeks prior to the exam.

The company, dedicated to enhancing and upholding journalism as a whole, offers funding for all involved in the field.  Originally built by the reputed former Wall Street Journal editor Bernard Kilgore, the foundation continues to remain one of the most prestigious opportunities for young, aspiring journalists and editors.

As a journalism major, I fully intend to attempt to take the exam next year and encourage all other aspiring journalists to join in on my pursuit.  To those who have taken the exam and have submitted your application, best of luck!



Dow Jones News Fund website:

Dow Jones News Fund study aid website:


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