The Importance of a Resume

Growing up sucks.  Yes, there are some perks, but for the most part the emergence into adulthood is quite a burden.  With old age comes responsibilities.  Bills begin to accumulate and before you know it, you’re up to your head in debt.  Without an income, you’re–for lack of a better word–screwed. Let’s face it, a Ramen noodle diet isn’t all that great.   Here’s where a resume comes into play.  An immaculate resume can land you interviews for potential employment or, for students such as myself, an internship.  As a student seeking to extend my experience in the field of journalism, I need a way to display my credentials in order to obtain an internship and, eventually, my dream job.

Therefore, I decided to take advantage of a great opportunity offered here at The University of Alabama: a resume workshop.  With a two page draft of what I assumed a resume should look like in hand, I crossed through the rotunda of the Reese Phifer building into the Tisch Student Services office.  There, Tasha Smith of the Career Development Staff assisted me in my pursuit.

After introducing myself, I passed my resume over to Mrs. Smith who immediately went to town on editing it, consistently scribbling notes.   Several minute of silence later, my once tidy paper was handed back to me with pen inked words all over.  Mrs. Smith then discussed the components of what a resume should incorporate, specifically for journalism majors, such as a description of the position interested in.  A few adjustments she mentioned include the following: my objective was too broad, I no longer need to list the details of my high school education, and utilize bullet points.  She also printed a sample resume to provide an example of the proper format one should use.

Admittedly, I gained some knowledge as to the necessary aspects a professional resume should contain.  I thanked Mrs. Smith for her time and, after she kindly offered her assistance to answer any questions I may have in the future, I bid her adieu.  Walking away, I couldn’t help but wonder what those whom I have given my resume to must have thought when they looked it over.  A second of embarrassment ended when the realization that a fresh start was on the horizon.


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